Learning and getting creative

We all love a holiday and I’d been looking forward to mine for a wee while. Coming to France, relaxing and enjoying good company. It’s the preparation that makes it such fun I guess.

We all have stuff we want to achieve. Things to tick off our list, things to learn and do. I really want to get some understanding of French, as that would be amazing for a little Robbie to achieve. The truth is, like a lot of English people I’m a bit rubbish at other languages, but still quite excited by the challenge. It ain’t going to happen overnight but by making a start I will slowly gain an understanding.

One of my French holiday snaps:

I’ve had a lot of interest lately from my clients and friends about learning upholstery. This got me thinking about the very basic things I learned when I started. Indeed, I had quite a long chat with a good friend of mine about my beginnings as an upholsterer. The basics of learning my craft. It’s almost second nature to me now. It gives me a huge reward especially with the more traditional work I do.

Yet my good friend felt like it was a dark art to learn and wasn’t sure how to start fulfilling a desire to be creative. As her whole life had been more office based than using her hands to create. Yet within her was a massive desire to create something using her hands, in this instance, a chair that had been in her family for years and had some significance to her on a personal level. She remembered sitting in it with her mother reading stories to her.

Some traditional upholstery

Just this alone got me thinking of how I could inspire her to take those first steps. My first idea was to direct her to The Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers, but then I realised that I could help her on a more personal level. I came to a really simple idea of a ‘5-step guide’ each with 5 tips that is written with the novice in mind.

This has helped her to take those first exciting steps to fill her desire to learn the craft of upholstery, and just like me learning french she will take very small steps but gain an understanding over time. I will share this with you on my next blog.