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Finding the right upholstery fabric, for your home.

Are you struggling with to many choices?

I’m often asked for help and advice with fabric choices. It’s something I love doing; coming up with ideas and thoughts for my clients. As with all things, ideas are there to have fun with. I know that sometimes my plans and colour schemes won’t fit the bill and that other times they will. A bit like a game of tennis popping ideas back and forth till the right one hits the sweet spot.

It’s fun and challenging. We all have very different ideas about décor. Quite often it is the first steps that are crucial for the home of your dreams. The common problem is choosing a fabric that fits your room. When your choice must fit an existing room (scheme)this can be an interesting challenge.

On a blank canvas where your room is being re-decorated it can have the same issues. Some people love the freedom of going for it and playing with colours and fabric and wallpapers. While others are stuck for a theme or an inspiring thought. It can be fun looking at interior design magazines which may help inspire you. There is such an incredible amount of interesting, mad and crazy ideas out there that I love. Get inspired by something. Sounds simple right!

There are some easy steps to take. It might sound like an odd thing to say but most people I meet are good at telling me what they don’t like. For most of us knowing what we don’t like is easy but for some, defining what they do like, can be much tougher.

So, start with your strength. When looking through pattern books chuck out the things you don’t like. You’ll start to get a picture of what you do like. It is amazing how often this happens with clients who are stuck and find the final decision hard to make. I had one client a few years ago, now, who took two years to decide. At some point, she had to be brave, and take a decision, but don’t rush be patient, it will come. The client finally made a decision and was really pleased with the result.

I have a beautiful sofa that’s been in my possession for around 12 years. I can see a perfect fit for this in my home – this is my inspiration. Nik has an idea for fabrics, colour and curtains. Our home has the beginnings of a theme – a sofa, a fabric, colour. We have a picture in our minds, and from there our dream room will evolve.

Making the right choices!

It is a matter of finding your inspiration! For some, it could be some small item, a scarf, a vase, a painting, it’s a starting point to create your theme. For me a sofa is the perfect thing, I work with them all day long so it seems obvious.

When you find your inspiration, whatever that might be, you can start to build a picture. Some people are brilliant at this. Ideas flow, while others will feel like they have hit a wall and are stuck for ideas. If that’s you, finding your ‘muse’ and working back from that can be very helpful. I’m not saying it’s easy. The key is to break it down and stop thinking of a whole room. Working from a colour you love, a picture or something that has some significant meaning is a great starting point. It is amazing how other things fall in to place from this. Collecting samples and pictures to create a scrapbook or mood board of your ideas allows you to test what can work (or not!).

What’s your one thing?

Rooms without architectural details can present a challenge. A newer home will often not have a focal point like a fire-place so featuring a statement piece of furniture can focus attention. This will set the tone for your décor. Link this by colour to curtains and window treatments to draw the eye to frame a view and pull the room together. Choose your own features such as a sofa, a chair, or a table lamp with a striking shade. By playing with stripes, patterns, textures it will draw the eye and help build a theme.

One of our clients has a successful formula which she has implemented to great effect in each of her (40 odd) rooms. She selects a single item, a small painted antique chair, or a favourite fabric, and builds on that. She tries to incorporate 9 different design elements into each room. Links them through a colour scheme, each element referring back to that one article. Interior designers use mood boards with colours, pictures and fabrics. Add different samples to see what effect a different quantity of a colour can have on a scheme. Bold accent colours are often used in small amounts. Adding a few scatter cushions in a bright colour can bring life into a room, without making it overwhelming. Link these to a ceramic dish in a similar hue and a lampshade or two and you will begin to see a theme emerging that is easy on the eye. Don’t forget, it’s always going to be what works for you. It is worth remembering that people (yep people like me) are very good at giving advice and telling you what to do but remember. After all, it is your home, your place to relax and enjoy .

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