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When upholstering a sofa brings more than job satisfaction!

With celebrations underway for Armed Forces Day on 22 June this year, it prompted me to look again at the WW1 letter I found tucked into a sofa I was working on for a client.

It was a moment I’ll never forget and one of the many reasons the team and I love what we do. When we deconstruct a piece of traditional furniture, we are effectively removing layers of history. And as we do, we’re able to imagine where it’s been. Who has taken afternoon tea (or a gin or two!) on a sofa? What stories have been told to grandchildren from a worn-out armchair?

It’s fascinating to let your mind wander and linger over the many possibilities. And this sofa went further and had our imaginations working over time! Here’s why:

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Is there a difference between re-covering and re-upholstery?

As upholsterers, we are always in the thick of it, living and breathing our trade. So what appears obvious to us – well, probably isn’t that obvious at all!

So, I spent a few minutes thinking about how best to explain a question we get asked a lot: “Is there a difference between re-covering and re-upholstery?”

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