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I want my furniture upholstered. How much does it cost?

Part Two: Traditional Furniture reupholstered 

Following on from my previous article on the cost to get your furniture upholstered; which focussed on modern furniture, in this article I’m going to explain more about reupholstering traditional furniture.

As you would expect, traditional furniture will have a host of issues that may need to be fixed. To help simplify what you might expect to find; and what’s likely to affect the overall cost to reupholster; I’m going to use a sofa as my example. I’ll break down the process step by step.

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I want my furniture reupholstered. How much does it cost?


Understanding how much something will cost is always an essential factor in any decision we make. And in many cases the answer you’ll be given is that old favourite: ”How long is a piece of string?!”

But that’s not helpful, and at Richardson & Paige, we’re all about being helpful.

So what I’ve done is to break down the different elements of reupholstering so you can make informed decisions at each stage.

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