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What kind of fabric is good for upholstery?

Choosing upholstery fabric is probably best done with a good deal of advice.

And with that in mind, in this month’s blog, I’m going to dissect the topic so you can make informed choices that will save you time and money!

Because you see, all fabrics are not created equal. For example, cover a sofa that’s likely to be sat on (and jumped on in some households!) many times a day, with lightweight cotton, and you’ll quickly see the signs of wear; and, I’m sure, plenty of rips and tears. Because the materials used for clothes and lighter soft furnishings like cushions, will just not stand the strain.

It can be a bit of a minefield deciding what’s ‘fit for the purpose’ so I’m going to cover the different types of fabric you should use a little later in the blog. But a great tip to start with is this. If you see a beautiful fabric in a store (this won’t work with online shopping!) and you’re unsure if it’s suitable, try this…


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