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I want my furniture upholstered. How much does it cost?

Part Two: Traditional Furniture reupholstered  Following on from my previous article on the cost to get your furniture upholstered; which focussed on modern furniture, in this article I’m going to explain more about reupholstering traditional furniture. As you would expect, traditional furniture will have a host of issues that may need to be fixed. To […]

I want my furniture reupholstered. How much does it cost?

unrolling new roll of fabric

PART ONE: MODERN FURNITURE Understanding how much something will cost is always an essential factor in any decision we make. And in many cases the answer you’ll be given is that old favourite: ”How long is a piece of string?!” But that’s not helpful, and at Richardson & Paige, we’re all about being helpful. So […]

When upholstering a sofa brings more than job satisfaction!

With celebrations underway for Armed Forces Day on 22 June this year, it prompted me to look again at the WW1 letter I found tucked into a sofa I was working on for a client. It was a moment I’ll never forget and one of the many reasons the team and I love what we […]

Is there a difference between re-covering and re-upholstery?

As upholsterers, we are always in the thick of it, living and breathing our trade. So what appears obvious to us – well, probably isn’t that obvious at all! So, I spent a few minutes thinking about how best to explain a question we get asked a lot: “Is there a difference between re-covering and […]

The process of Changing Rooms part two

It’s a matter of finding your inspiration! Finding that ONE item that makes you smile every time you look at it is key to a successful interior design scheme. It doesn’t have to be furniture; it could be a scarf, a vase, a painting, for example. That item is then the starting point to create […]

The process of Changing Rooms part one

Who remembers the TV programme ‘Changing Rooms’ from the late 90s early two thousands? Or rather – who’s willing to admit they remember it?! It was hugely popular back then and partly responsible for a big increase in upcycling and renovating. Now, I’m no Laurence Llewellyn Bowen, but I love interior design. And I’m lucky […]

Should you reupholster your furniture or buy new? Here’s our guide

This is a question I get asked a lot! Should I replace or renovate my furniture? Most customers, when asking me to quote, will then compare to the cost of a new item. I completely understand it; I get the thinking. But as a Master Upholsterer, you can probably guess which side of the fence […]

Ideas to use up scraps of furnishing fabric…

Ideas to use up scraps of furnishing fabric… –In our line of work it’s a question that comes up often. In the pub, from friends and family, at networking meetings after we’ve explained what we do for a living. And, from the lovely students who attend our upholstery courses. So, as we had a ‘beginning […]

Finding the right upholstery fabric, for your home.

Are you struggling with to many choices? I’m often asked for help and advice with fabric choices. It’s something I love doing; coming up with ideas and thoughts for my clients. As with all things, ideas are there to have fun with. I know that sometimes my plans and colour schemes won’t fit the bill […]