Skill and soul; all that goes into our furniture.

Every item of furniture we return has been given the same skill, love and care as every other sofa and chair we treat.

Turning your dream sofa or chair into a reality is just what we do. Your new furniture, exactly as you pictured it, sitting pride of place in your home.

We all like to relax and feel the hug of comfort around us. Right now, you may be sat reading this on your favourite sofa or chair, sipping a coffee (or even something stronger!). But, have you ever spared a thought for what you’re sitting on? Beneath you is an amazing yet complicated arrangement of stuffings and springs. All contributing to the comfort that you feel now.

The spring itself is a very small part but could be the most important element of the structure. Understanding spring placement and the technique of tying it into place is a major factor in your comfort right now.

If you think of a chair or sofa as a skeleton, the springs are the muscles flexing and supporting your every move. Each spring is hand tied and held in place with anything from 12 to 16 knots. This knot tying technique in itself is considerably time-consuming that many are unaware of.

Restored and designed with the utmost care and detail, using only traditional coil springs and horse hair; allow your furniture to become a family heirloom of comfort and beautiful design for years to come!

So, enjoy your coffee in comfort and relax deep in your chair knowing the skills and techniques of your upholsterer and the potential of your furniture.

Are you ready for your dream furniture?

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Our fabric walling service is one of our favourites. We work with beautiful fabrics to provide a bespoke and professional look for your bathroom, bedroom or any other part of your home.

Watch our team fabric wall this beautiful bathroom for a more in-depth look at what we can provide for you.

What We Do
Headboards & Footboards

Is your taste Romantic, Classic, Functional, Gothic or maybe Art Deco? My team of craftsmen will make bespoke headboards to your exact design specification. Should you choose a classic buttoned headboard or a double piped ruched border the headboard will be padded well to give a plump soft feel. Sketch your design ideas, send them to us and we will do the rest. You can rest assured that the finished job will be one of your sweetest dreams!

Cane Chairs & Rush Seats​

Traditionally cane seated chairs were woven as structural support (much like webbing is today) and then covered with a squab cushion. However, nowadays a hand woven cane chair is a thing of beauty. Cane work is a matter of repetitive patterns and accuracy, painstakingly slow, but therapeutic to do. For a more rustic look, traditional rush or sea grass seating can also be re-woven for you.

Tailored Hand-Sewn Curtains, Window Treatments & Roman Blinds

Nikki and Tor will make your curtains to fit your home using traditional drapery skills. Realising your dreams and creating the perfect window treatment is why Nikki and Tor love what they do. French pleats, swags and tails, soft or boxed pelmet and lambrequins can be the making of your home; and with a 10 year guarantee on our craftsmanship, there are simply no draw backs!

Soft Furnishings

Choose scatter, squab or box cushions for your home and we will make to any shape and size to compliment your sofas and chairs. All cushions can be piped or finished in a trim chosen from our fabric library to complete the look. See our guide for the full choice of cushion infills or don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our fabrics or infills.

Fabric Walling

Beautiful fabric stretched over walls and trimmed with braid or wooden edging is used historically to cover less than perfect walls and to soften acoustics of rooms. We specialise in fabric walling and have even been known to take our skills to France where the style originated. This style can be used in opulent drawing rooms, sumptuous bedrooms or used in the office to equally good effect. Your walls will be battened with special wooden strips onto which a layer of ‘cotton bump’ is attached. The expertly pattern-matched fabric will be stretched over this and all edges finished with braid or wooden trim.