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Turning your dream furniture to reality is what we do

We all like nothing more than to relax and feel the hug of comfort around us.

You may even be sitting on your favourite sofa or chair right now, sipping a coffee (or something stronger!). But, have you ever thought about what it is you’re actually sitting on?

Would you be surprised to learn that beneath you is an amazing and complicated layering of various stuffings, horsehair, and springs? All contributing to the comfort you’re feeling right now. (Or not!)

If it’s feeling less than amazing and looking a little shabby, it may be time to pass your furniture to a team who can lovingly restore it to its former glory. But remember, it needs to be a team that knows their craft!

Take the spring, for example

It’s relatively tiny and seemingly insignificant  – but could be the most important element of the structure. So understanding spring placement and the technique of tying it into place is a crucial factor in the comfort you’ll feel.

If you think of a chair or sofa as a skeleton, the springs are the muscles,  flexing and supporting your every move. Each spring is hand-tied and held in place with anything from 12 to 16 knots. And the knot-tying technique in itself is considerably time-consuming, yet many are unaware it’s even necessary.

When it’s restored and designed with the utmost care and detail, using only traditional coil springs and horsehair; your furniture can become a family heirloom giving you comfort and beautiful design for years to come!

Traditional upholstery techniques will last for years to come

So, if you entrust your project to us; next time you snuggle into your furniture for that big hug, you can do so knowing it’s benefitted from the skills and techniques of a traditional upholsterer who has recognised and fulfilled the potential of your furniture.


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Take a Look:

Fabric walling is one of our most popular services – and we love to do it!

Using stunning fabrics, skill, creativity, and patience; it’s perfect for any room where you want to create a WOW!

Because the results are breathtaking.

Take a look at our team in action; fabric walling a beautiful bathroom in a gorgeous house in Oxfordshire.

What We Do
Headboards & Footboards

Our craftsmen make bespoke headboards to your exact design specification.
So you can choose to suit your taste - Romantic, Classic, Functional, Gothic, or maybe Art Deco? No problem.
Does a classic buttoned headboard or a double piped ruched border take your fancy? No problem.
Want to sketch your own design? No problem
Whatever you choose, we can make it.
Each headboard will be perfectly padded to give a plump, soft feel; and you can rest assured - the finished job will be one of your sweetest dreams!

Hand-Sewn Curtains, Window Treatments & Roman Blinds

Our fabric ‘A-Team’ Nikki and Tor use traditional drapery skills to make your curtains.

They love what they do! And they’ll help you create the perfect window treatment for you. Choose from: French pleats, swags and tails, soft or boxed pelmet and lambrequins – all with a 10-year guarantee on our craftsmanship.

So, there are simply no drawbacks!

Soft Furnishings

To add the all-important finishing touches to your new drapes or
upholstered sofas and chairs why not add some scatter, squab, or box cushions?

They can be made to any shape and size to compliment your sofas and chairs and either piped or finished in a trim chosen from our fabric library.

See our guide for the full choice of cushion infills or don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our fabrics or infills.

Fabric Walling

Historically, beautiful fabric stretched over walls and trimmed with braid or wooden edging is used to cover less than perfect walls and to soften the acoustics of rooms.
We specialise in fabric walling and have even been known to take our skills to France where the technique originated! Traditionally used in opulent drawing rooms or sumptuous bedrooms it can also be used in bathrooms or offices to great effect.
To achieve the look your walls will be battened with special wooden strips onto which a layer of ‘cotton bump’ is attached. The expertly pattern-matched fabric will be stretched over this and all edges finished with braid or wooden trim.
To see this in action take a look at our video!