Essential listening for upholsters and teachers alike, you’ll hear an eclectic ‘weaving together’ of life and skills as we talk to some of the best upholsterers in our business and provide a forum for those new to our trade.

We’ll delve into a rich tapestry of fascinating stories, experiences, skills sharing, and general ‘chitchat’ on our virtual couch. Because a chat is always a good thing, right?!

Hosted by Robbie Richardson, Master Upholsterer, it’s 100% by upholsters, for upholsters.

Everyone is welcome, so switch on, tune in, grab a coffee or listen as you work.

Published: 13th Oct 2020(About 7 days ago)

Becoming an Upholsterer is probably not how you would picture a former Army Officer making a new career but that is exactly what Kirsty did.  Since qualifying, her path has taken a few sharp but interesting turns, the latest resulting in her becoming part of the Royal Household looking after all things upholstery (with a brief spell making bar stools for 007 in between)! 

Published: 6th Oct 2020(About 2 weeks ago)

How does a person go from being PA to one of the "greatest filmmakers in cinematic history", Stanley Kubrick, to becoming a Master Upholsterer and leading the training for Upholsterers of the future.  

Wendy tells all in this week's podcast and shares some great tips for anyone who would like to get in to the Upholstery trade.  

Published: 29th Sep 2020(About 3 weeks ago)

Ray's journey in to upholstery had a few twists and turns, with ups and downs along the way but with his work featuring on not one but two television programmes and his own range of bold fabric designs in production, this week's podcast is a fascinating insight in to how he has overcome the difficulties and built a business to be proud of. 

Published: 22nd Sep 2020(About 4 weeks ago)

After studying fine art and using art to help the community to then becoming pub landlady,  when Leigh-Anne wanted to get back to her creative roots she fell in to upholstery almost by accident!

In this week's podcast, we hear more about Leigh-Ann and how Bristol Upholstery Collective was born, as well as why it's so important to Leigh-Anne that social values are at the core of everything they do.

We also find out how she became a regular on BBC One's 'Money For Nothing'.

Published: 15th Sep 2020(About 1 month ago)

Hannah's childhood dream of being Fire Fighter was shattered due to not meeting regulation height but their loss is the Upholstery world's gain!  Listen as Hannah tells us how she got started in Upholstery and how that lead to her featuring as an expert on the highly acclaimed BBC TV show  'The Repair Shop'.  

Published: 8th Sep 2020(About 1 month ago)

In this week's episode we hear how Nic Thomas went from owning a business hand-making lingerie to becoming a highly-skilled upholsterer whose work has featured in blockbuster movies such as Spectre! And we find out how Stanley Kubrick's former PA influenced Nic's choice when it came to selecting an Upholstery school to study at! 

A fascinating insight in to the world of teacher and master upholsterer, Gareth Rees' extraordinary journey that led him to joining forces with Gregory Cupitt-Jones to form the British School of Upholstered Furniture, with the trials and tribulations he faced along the way.